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Are we starting to see the lefts "Great Purge"?

As Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other radical fringe groups including the “Squad" look to consolidate power in the Democrat Party, it's becoming evident that the tenuous hold the current leadership has is slipping and their good intentions will not save them from their own great purge.

The original Great Purge was a brutal political campaign that happened between 1936-1938 in Soviet Russia. To solidify his hold on the country, Joseph Stalin systematically killed or imprisoned anyone that opposed him, or he viewed as an enemy of the State. In that time more than 750,000 Soviets were executed and another million were sent to forced labor camps.

The video below that was tweeted out by the People’s City Council – Los Angeles today, seem to hint that these same tactics are beginning to be used by members Black Lives Matter to purge white supporters from their ranks.

The video is of Dr. Melina Abdullah, the co-founder of Black Lives Matters Los Angeles, speaking to a large group of supporters about citizen killed by the LAPD.

Dr. Abdullah initially checks off several of the standard liberal talking points in her speech, but after mentioning that Mayor Garcetti and LAPD Chief Moore like to act like the killing of blacks by police is only happening in places like St. Louis and Louisville she drops the bomb no one saw coming, especially the white people in attendance.

Right around 1:35 into the video Abdullah can be heard saying “As we talk about a white supremacist terrorist like Donald Trump remember that we live in a city that is largely liberal white supremacists. So, when you say ‘Fuck Donald Trump, make sure you say Fuck Eric Garcetti’”

Another tweet on the PCC-LA Twitter feed reads Get Out of Our Lives. Referring to the Mayor, Police Chief and District Attorney. Photos of each of these officials are attached with an X across their faces and a catchy phrase like Garcetti Gotta Go!

Although Garcetti has been an advocate for many of these groups even providing cover for their violent protests, it appears that his actions will not keep him safe.

The call for the Chief of Police to resign is not surprising as one of BLM’s stated goals is to defund the police but demanding the African American female District Attorney resign seems odd and makes you wonder what the end game for these groups is.

This video as well as videos from NY where Black Lives Matter NY is demanding that Mayor DeBlasio make additional massive cuts to the police budget makes me wonder if the DNC Convention will be about nominating their candidate or the coup that puts the radicals in power.

Time to Wake up America…especially you liberal white supremacists, they are coming for you first!

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