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Think Of It As Fight Club, Only With Words!

My new website is here and it's called TOC-13 (Wake Up America)! We are going to talk about politics and culture in America and mix it with some trash talk and humor.

On this site we will lay everything out on the table and discuss what makes America great, what America isn't doing well and discuss how we think we can fix it.

Here's the rules. You spout off about something or you respond to one of my posts and we go at it. Throw facts, opinion, life experience and pure unadulterated conviction in your into the fight. I wanna see passion, anger sheer determination. What I don't want to see is the words racist, n***er, or any word like them. If your argument is so weak that you have to call names, this might not be the place for you.

The caveat is, ya better be able to back your argument up with credible facts. If you can't your gonna be asked to tap out and fight another day.

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